Samos is just opposite of the famous ancient town of Ephesus. Ephesus was established as a port and used to be the most important commercial centre. It played a great role in the ancient times with its strategic location. The Town was one of the most important trade centres of the ancient world, a religious centre of the greek romans but even of the early Christianity .

More than anywhere else, the Greek and Roman world comes alive at Ephesus. After almost 150 years of excavation, the city’s recovered and renovated structures have made Ephesus Europe’s most complete classical metropolis – and that’s with 82% of the city still to be unearthed!

As capital of the roman asia minor Ephesus was a vibrant city of over 250,000 inhabitants maybe even 400.000 . Counting traders, sailors and pilgrims to the famous temple of artemis these numbers were even higher, meaning that in Ephesus one could encounter the full diversity of the Mediterranean world and its peoples. So important and wealthy was Ephesus that its Temple of Artemis was the biggest on earth, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The ancient city site is located around 30km away from Kusadasi port. There are daily excursions from samos to Kusadasi/ Ephesus.

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