megalo seitani


Psili Ammos (Souht-East of Samos)

Sandy beach with very shallow waters only 1 mile from the coast of Turkey and 10 kilometres from Samos. There are fish tavernas and cafeterias. Organised beach / Family.

Mykali (South-East of Samos)

Before reaching Psili Ammos. The beach is covered with pebbles, but as we wade in the water, we find the bottom covered with sand. It is very clean and open to the wide sea. Couple of restaurants on the west side. Mostly not organised beach.

Potokaki (South-East of Samos)

An immense sand/ small pebble beach outside of Pythagorion, very near to the airport. Many tourists gather here and we find restaurants, cafeterias, taverns, and bars. There are water sports facilities. Organised beach.

Hereon (South-East of Samos)

21 kilometres from Samos. Small beach with pebbles. With restaurants and cafeterias. Partly organised.

Votsalakia / Kampos (South-West of Samos)

55 kilometres from Samos. A sandy beach. The waters are very clear. There are several restaurants and cafeterias. Partly organised.

Chrissi Ammos (South-West of Samos)

Also a beautiful shallow sandy beach 60 kilometres from Samos Town with a very clear sea. Organised beach / family.

Limnionas (South-West of Samos)

Charming sandy beach, a little further on from Chrissi Ammos.Organised beach / family.

Kaladakia Beach (West-South of Samos)

This beautiful pebble beach is tucked away from the wind just minutes away from the town of Koumeika.  It is known for its majestic Blue Cave and its wonderful turquoise waters.  Partly-organized.

Potami (West-North of Samos)

4 kilometres west of Karlovassi. An open beach covered with pebbles. It has restaurants and cafeterias. Organised beach.

Kokkari (East-North of Samos)

Stony beach within the village limits. Surfing center. Organised beach.

Lemonakia (East-North of Samos)

One of the most dazzling, small lush coves on Samos with a marvelous pebble beach. The sea bottom is strewn with pebbles but otherwise very clear waters.Organised beach.

Tsamadou (East-North of Samos)

One kilometre further away Kokkari and just before Lemonakia, beach with pebbles and identical otherwise to that of Lemonakia Is much frequented by bathers in the summer.Organised beach.

Avlakia (East-North of Samos)

A small pebble beach with few restaurants and nice view to Kokkari. Not organised.

Mourtia (East of Samos)

A road just before the Monastery of Zodochos Pigi to the right leads to the gorgeous, lush bay of Mourtia. Not organised.

Balos (West-South of Samos)

Known for its sand-baths and water to aid the digestion, which wells up right by the sea. Balos is only 3kms from the village of Koumeika. Partly organised.

Mikro-Megalo Seitani (North-West of Samos)

Two of the most isolated and beautiful bays in the whole of the Aegean and some of the finest coastline on the island.Both beaches are sanctuary of the seal Monachus-Monachus. Accessible by path or from the sea. Not organised.

Glycoriza (South-East of Samos)

Small pebble beach just outside Pythagorion . Organised beach.

Tsambou (East North of Samos)

Very picturesque beach immediately after the village of Avlakia, clear waters and quiet.

Possidonion (East South of Samos)

This is a charming, quiet bay, ideal for bathing and fishing. During the middle ages it was called «the harbour of the Venetians». During the Turkish occupation it took on the name Mullah-Ibrahim, from the name of a Turkish religious leader who drowned there. Today’s historical name of the bay owes its origin to the two Temples of Neptune ( In Greek Poseidon) that used to be there in the days of Antiquity. A few relics from both can be seen to this day. Not organised pebble beach with cafeteria and a nice fish restaurant.

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